Facebook boss reveals ‘operational mistake’

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, has been charged with homicide after allegedly opening fire on people protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times in the back in front of his children by officer Rusten Sheskey.

Mr Blake has survived but will likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

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Shocking video of man getting attacked

A shocking video of a man being attacked while walking on a street in the US has emerged on social media.

The video, which was uploaded to Instagram on Monday, shows a man with a green T-shirt, shorts and cap, walking along a footpath before being approached by a man from behind.

The second man hits the lone walker over the head... ( подробнее )

Twerking Willy Wonka takes TikTok by storm

Yet, here we are. Thanks to Gen Z TikTok users, a cosplay of Willy Wonka (think Johnny Depp, not Gene Wilder) is going viral on the platform.

Teenager Duke Depp (Depp? Really?) has been gyrating and crotch-grabbing his way through TikTok, racking up millions of views per video.

Posting under the handle @willywonkatiktok, the grinding... ( подробнее )

Our lockdown obsessions revealed

As public health measures involving strict lockdowns were introduced in countries around the world in March, people took to Twitter to have their say on them.

Australia tweeted about panic buying more than any other country, especially about toilet paper and limits on alcohol purchases.

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‘Mess’ not even Google can understand

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) previously announced it would take Google to court over location data it allegedly continued collecting even after people thought they’d told the company to stop.

Now unsealed court documents relating to a case in the US state of Arizona have shed new light on the location... ( подробнее )

AOC explains ‘profoundly misleading’ tweet

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week endorsed Joe Biden as the party’s presidential candidate to run against US President Donald Trump in November, formalising a nomination that had already been decided.

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For 705 days this Australian woman has been ‘forgotten’ in an Iranian prison

Three weeks later she was stopped from flying back to Melbourne by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard after one of the people she interviewed reported her as suspicious.

Since then she’s been secretly tried and convicted of espionage and is facing a 10-year prison sentence in Iranian prisons.

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‘Позорная джокеров’ $5000 запустить Макка в

Пятиминутный ролик был снят группой международных студентов застрял в Мельбурне, который написал об этом в китайских социальных медиа сайте Weibo, где его просмотрели десятки тысяч раз в течение нескольких часов, прежде чем он был удален после широкой критики.

Удаленные видео группы прокрасться мимо полиции на Элизабет-стрит в деловом центре... ( подробнее )

Большой промах полицейских после столкновения протеста

6 июня, по итогам марта через Сидней протестуют против полицейского насилия и смерти аборигенов, содержащихся под стражей, полиция применила перцовый спрей на протестующих внутри центрального вокзала.

Женщина толкнула полицейского как использовать стручковый перец спрей. Картина:... ( подробнее )

Мертвые политические посты нам активист твиты с ‘могила’

Герман Каин искал выдвижение от Республиканской партии на пост президента США в 2000 году и чуть не довел ее снова в 2012 году.

Его второй альбом выглядел многообещающе, как черный республиканских, кто бы против Барака Обамы, но он отказался от попытки к концу 2011 года, когда несколько женщин вышли обвинив его в сексуальных домогательствах... ( подробнее )